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Dedication and Determination!

Haddies Tournament | CHAMPIONS

08/17/2018, 3:00pm EDT
By Training

Dedication and Determination!

Yes, it was indeed a gorgeous day for field hockey, hot yes, but a wonderful day for field hockey.  

It was remarkable to see the G-Force Alumni team come together, as they do each year. 

Congratulations to the G-Force Alumni for winning the Haddies Tournament on July 14th at Montclair State University.    The team went undefeated throughout the tournament and not only displayed the level and skill of champions, but they showed what teamwork and dedication can accomplish.   The Alumni team comprised of alumni from multiple graduating classes.  

A fabulous job by all the players; you did GREAT!  

You continue to play the game in it’s true spirit, and with the determination required to succeed at the elite level.      As coaches, it's always encouraging to see players so eager to learn, and so willing to listen.   The true purpose of these local tournaments is not looking at the end result, or the score line, but more importantly, the performance from game to game; making the adjustments and implementing the various tactical game plans.    You demonstrated all those things. 

Congratulations and being crowned champions, once again. 

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